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Violeta Ramos Band

with electric harp and paraguayan harp

Curriculum Vitae


  • Violeta is an interpreter of the Paraguayan harp.

  • She graduated as a classical guitar teacher from the Escuela de Bellas Artes in Quilmes (Buenos Aires)

She also studied folklore, tango and jazz at the school for popular Music in Avellaned, Buenos Aires. She studied compositions with electro acoustics Medien at the University of Quilmes.
Violeta also studied ancient music at the Academy of Basle Choral Music, in Basle, with Heidrum Rosenzweig (Switzerland)


Concerts Given

In her early years as an instrumentalist (she started at the age of sixteen) Violeta performed with many traditional folkloric groups in Argentina and Paraguay; later she formed duets (harp and guitar/ harp and flute) writing her own arrangements and compositions to perform in several international concerts in Latinamerica, Europe and Russia.

She has represented Argentina on several occasions including:

-The international Harp Festival in Arles (France-1999), after receiving a special invitation from the harpist Marielle Nordman.

-The International Harp Gathering in Mexico D.F. Veracruz, Xalapa, (Mexico-1995) at the invitation of the harpist Lidia Tamayo and Mercedes Gomez.

-Concerts in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Zrenjanin (Serbia-1999) at the invitation of the Jugokonzert Organisation.

-The International Harp Concert in Lommel, (Belgiem-2005 and 2019)

-The Eurofestival Zupfmusik in Bamberg (Germany-2006).

-The European Harp Symposium in Cardiff (Wales-2007).

-The Harp Festival in Switzerland (Rifferswill 2007)

-The World Harp Congress in Amsterdam, on receiving a invitation from Ernestine Stoop (Holland 08)

-The International Festival "Guitarras del mundo" in Buenos Aires (Argentina-2007) being invited by  the guitar player Juan Falú.

 -The International Guitar Festival in Biel Switzerland (2010-14).

-Festival Entrecuerdas, Chile 2009.

-Concert with orchesta and choir in KKL theatre Lucern (Switzerland 2009)

-Concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia 2010).


- Encuentro Internacional de Música in San Pablo (Brazil 95)

-Festival internacional de música y danza in La Habana, Villa Clara, Cienfuegos, Villa Maria, Varadero (Cuba 97).

-The National Music Festival "Cosquín" (93-94) Chajary, San Carlos de Bariloche,Trelew, Corrientes, San Luis, La Pampa, (Argentina)

 -Traditional music festivals in Santiago, Asunción, San Bernardino (Paraguay) and " the Harp Festival Tacuaree" (Asuncion '93). 


Contemporary composers, Eva Lopszyc and Pablo Aguirre have  composed specific works for the paraguayan harp, in chamber formations and orchestra, for Violeta.  One of the works by Eva Lopszyc was performed for the first time in the Theatre Circulo in Rosario (Santa Fé-Argentina) and was later introduced in the Gold Room of the Colón Theatre, Buenos Aires. This was the first time that a folkloric instrument had been played in this famous theatre (1992). 


Actually, Violeta Teachs Classical Guitar and Harp in differents music schools in Switzerland.

She writte and work for the "Violeta Ramos Band", with electrical Harp, Percussion, Guitar and Contrabass.

She ist also permanently giving concerts in severals Music Projects.


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